Disability Organizations and Facilities in Costa Rica

Find out about national and regional organizations and facilities for people with disabilities in Costa Rica...

The National Council for Rehabilitation and Special Education (Consejo Nacional de Rehabilitación y Educación Especial - CNREE) protects the rights of people with disabilities and coordinates organizations working on issues affecting disabled people. They have a library, provide technical assistance and gather statistics on Costa Rica's disabled population (website in Spanish).

The Education Ministry (Ministerio de Educación Pública) operates programs for people with disabilities, including special education centers, an institute for the blind and an information center with resources for advanced counseling and training.

The Partido Accesibildad Sin Exclusion (in Spanish) is a political party that fights for the rights of people with disabilities. In the past they have won a small number of seats in the Assembly and elected a mayor in the city of Liberia.

The Ombudsman's Office (La Defensoria de los Habitantes) investigates complaints about violations of the law that protects equal opportunities for the disabled.

The Elections Tribunal (Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones – TSE) has implemented programs to make it easier for people with disabilities to vote in privacy, including providing Braille templates for the blind (website in spanish).


Disabled parking spaces are available throughout Costa Rica, but they are often taken, seemingly without penalty, by the able-bodied. To improve availability, many parking spaces are blocked for disabled use by ropes or cones, but unless security personnel are employed to remove them, they are difficult for people with disabilities to access.

The Association of Costa Rican Special Taxis has a fleet of wheelchair-accessible vans.

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