Getting Online: Internet in Costa Rica

Find about the Internet options available to you in your home in Costa Rica...

Internet access is obtained in Costa Rica in much the same way as in North America or Europe. As well as having an ADSL connection at home, customers also have the option of WiMax, cable, 3G and 4G connections.

Main fixed line Internet providers include:

There are a number of requirements to meet before signing up for this service:

  • There must be a fixed telephone line already, or one must be installed
  • There must be no outstanding debts with the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE)
  • A residence certificate is also needed

If necessary and if authorisation has been given, a legal third party is able to apply on a customer's behalf.

To apply, either call 1115 or go to one of the agencies located across the country.

Companies offering wireless service include:

Costa Rica WIFI: a wireless Internet service with WiMax connection. They also supply high-speed business services.

RACSA: As well as providing a WiMax wireless service, RACSA also provides a Cable Modem service to Cable Tica, Coopelesca and SuperCable customers that allows connection via cable television. To receive the service, it is necessary to be in the WiMax signal coverage area. Wireless access points or hotspots are located around the country.

    Tel: 800 628 3427
  • RACSA also provides pre-paid Internet cards. For further information: Click here

IDNET: Provides WiMax and mobile 4G.

  • Idnet
    Tel: 2453 3434, Option 3, Extension 1

Cable Internet Access

Companies providing cable Internet access include:

Amnet: A variety of television and Internet packages and various speeds.

CABLETICA: Business and residential cable television and Internet providers.