Television in Costa Rica

Get to grips with TV standards and find out what's available to the TV viewer in Costa Rica...

Costa Rica is currently changing to digital television transmission, and the change should be complete in 2017.

At present, television in Costa Rica is transmitted using the NTSC standard. NTSC is also the standard historically used in Japan, Canada, the USA and some other countries. The PAL standard is used in South Africa, Australasia and much of Western Europe. SECAM is found in France and Eastern Europe.

Television Services

There are private, public and cable television services operating in Costa Rica providing a wide variety of stations. Both satellite and cable services offer English-language programming, as well as many local options.

Cable television is widely available in the Central Valley; other parts of the country, particularly popular areas of the coast, are getting connected to cable services. The main cable television providers include:

  • Tigo Star: It provides both basic and digital services. Customers can choose from five premium channel packages to suit their viewing preferences. Connection and services can be arranged by visiting one of their service centers. Applications can also be made online
    • Tel: 1722
  • Cabletica: Provides 225 digital channels. Services can be arranged by visiting their branch office
    • Tel: 2520 7777
  • The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad: Started providing cable services in 2012 via “Kolbi Hogar TV” or Kolbi Home TV. At present it is only available in some areas of the country. It offers a variety of channel packages

Satellite television is widely available from the following suppliers;

  • SKY: Provides programming from Mexico. It offers customers four main packages of television and audio channels. Services can be applied for online. SKY has a range of English-language and North American channels
  • Sun Sat TV:  Offers a good range of English-language channels and operates in much of Costa Rica. Services can be arranged by contacting the company online