Holiday Accommodation in Costa Rica

Taking a holiday in Costa Rica? Information on finding the right place to stay: self-catering, hotel, lodge or youth hostel. Find out more…

Costa Rica is an extremely popular tourist destination and there is a wide choice of accommodation for visitors. Rates for accommodation may vary according to the season, and are usually higher during the dry season, which runs from December to April.

There are options for those looking for accommodation that specializes in certain activities such as surfing, diving and sports fishing. These can generally be booked through tour operators.


Costa Rica has a vast range of hotels for all budgets. These include chain hotels and resorts, some of which have all-inclusive options, and smaller boutique-style hotels often owned by foreigners. These all have restaurants and bars, and may offer extra facilities such as a spa, casino, shops and gym. During the high season, these types of hotels should be booked well in advance, especially during the Christmas and Easter periods.

Some hotels in Costa Rica have been awarded Certification for Sustainable Tourism if they have demonstrated sustainability in the way that they manage their natural cultural and social resources.

Budget hotels

There are also a number of budget hotels, often referred to as cabinas. These cater more specifically to the locals and backpackers traveling on a budget. A cabina can be a hostel, bed and breakfast or just a basic beachfront cabin, and provide minimal services and furnishings. It is often advisable to inspect the rooms before taking them.

Some of the budget hotels are members of Hostelling International, and are of a high standard.

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Eco Lodges

Costa Rica has a number of eco lodges situated within or next to the National Parks and wildlife reserves. These may offer guided tours, hiking and walking, and other activities. Accommodation may be modest in the majority of these, but provide an opportunity for nature lovers to discover the local flora and fauna, as well as the Costa Rican culture.


Apartotels provide self-catering accommodation, generally with a small kitchen and occasionally with a restaurant. Mostly found in the capital San José, and in coastal resorts, they are often a good option for longer stays.


Camping is available in the National Parks, at ranger stations and in major resorts. Bathrooms and water are generally available here. It is illegal to camp on the beach.

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