Costa Rica Driving Licenses

Details on the theory and practical tests needed to obtain a Costa Rican driving license…

The information below is a basic guide to the process, and what to expect when applying for and taking a Costa Rican driving test.

The minimum age for driving a car in Costa Rica is 18. To get a Costa Rican driving license, an applicant must pass three tests:

  • Medical test
  • Theory test – this can be taken from the age of 13 and it does not expire
  • Practical test

Driving schools

In an attempt to raise the standard of driving on the roads of Costa Rica, and to reduce the number of road traffic accidents that occur, the Road Security Authorities (Dirección de Seguridad Vial) has imposed new regulations concerning the training of new divers.

As of March 2013 learner drivers will have to graduate from a certified private driving school. Instructors at these schools will themselves have to undertake vigorous training and pass strict tests to ensure that they reach the required standard.

Driver’s education will also become part of the high school curriculum in Costa Rica, and students who successfully complete this course will not subsequently be required to attend a private driving school.

Categories of license

  • A-1 class license (50-90cc motorbikes) – for drivers aged 14 and over
  • A-2 class license (90-125cc motorbikes) – for drivers aged 16 and over

Provisional driving license

A provisional license (Permiso Para Aprender) is valid for three months. A learner driver must be accompanied by a driver who holds an appropriate license for the vehicle.

Applications for a provisional driving license can be made at one of the local COSEVI offices:

  • To find a local office and contact details: Click here
  • For further information and to make an appointment, Tel: 2206 7773

A license issued to a new driver is valid for three years, licenses can be renewed up to three months before the expiry date.

  • For more information about getting a Costa Rican driving license: Click here (in Spanish)