Public Transport in Costa Rica

Information on getting to and traveling around Costa Rica...

Costa Rica's transport network is primarily based on its roads. The roads are not always of good quality and are often unpaved or have potholes. Work on the road infrastructure is ongoing and significant improvements have been made in recent years.

The most popular means of travel within the country is by bus or car; other options include train and plane, with many domestic flights by small plane serving small airports in tourist areas.

Arriving in Costa Rica

Although plane or bus is the most common way of traveling to Costa Rica, for the more adventurous it is possible to drive through Central America and even from the US. The shortest route is from Brownsville in Texas, with routes then going through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

If arriving by car it is compulsory to purchase insurance at the border, drivers are then provided with a temporary entry certificate for their vehicle (Certificado de Entrega de Vehiculos, No Comerciales Importación Temporales).

A good resource for those traveling through Central America by car is Drive Me Loco.