Bringing Up Toddlers in Cyprus

Everything for parents with young children living in Cyprus: with information on health matters, child benefits and childcare...

As time is in short supply for most parents of young children, below is some information to guide the way through life in Cyprus with a young child.

Infant and Child Healthcare

Child health care in Cyprus is provided by the General Health Service as well as the private medical sector. The governmental health services are administered through the Ministry of Health. Public health services are provided free of charge via the General Health Service - GeSY. Those on low income and entitled to a Medical Card also have access to basic dental care. 

Healthcare centres for mothers and babies (Κέντρα υγείας) offer a wide range of preventive medical services related to the physical and psychosocial development of infants and children. They also provide educational programs for mothers.

Parents can choose their GeSY registered Paediatrician and may stay registered with that doctor until they reach 15 years old. 

In order to deter over-visitation to Paediatricians, the GHS has imposed some limitations to the number of visits per year, as shown in the table below. When the number is exceeded the beneficiary must pay the Paediatrician a co-payment of 15 euros per visit.
Free visits for children/per age group/year

Age range   visits

0 – 1                10

1 – 3                 8

3 - 5                 7

6 - 10              4

11-18             3

Child Benefits

Child benefit is available to all families residing in Cyprus for each single minor child living in the household. Parents may request child benefit from the Ministry of Finance after the birth of the child. The application form for the child benefit (αίτησης για επίδομα τέκνου/aitisi gia epidoma teknou) is available online. The Government announces when applications for the year open. It is usually around March of each year.