Educational Childcare

Find out about the childcare and schooling options available to parents in Cyprus, plus information on toddler groups and where to go to have fun...

Educational childcare in Cyprus is organised into three main categories:

  1. Public kindergartens (Δημόσια νηπιαγωγεία/ dimosia nipiagogia) are sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture Sport and Youth.  Association. Children are accepted from the age of three years to the age of five years and eight months. Parents should present the child’s birth certificate when registering. All children attending public kindergarten are taught Greek language as part of the program.
  2. Communal kindergartens (Κοινοτικά νηπιαγωγεία/ kinotika nipiagogia) are non-profit organisations for 3-4 year olds  and is operated through community and parental involvement. An elected Parents Association are responsible for running it and its finances. It receives a Government Sponsorship grant each year to help with the running costs. 
  3. Private kindergartens (Ιδιωτικά νηπιαγωγεία/ idiotika nipiagogia) have an Ministry of Education, Culture Sport and Youth's approved educational program. Some of these kindergartens have programs in the Greek language while some are specific to other ethnicities such as English, French, Swedish, Armenian and others.

Other available forms of childcare include: children's clubs, infant care centres, local child-minders, afternoon kindergarten and day-care kindergarten. These institutions only accept children up to five years of age and do not provide educational activities.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance oversees the quality of childcare in Cyprus and is responsible for the registration of childcare centres and private childcare givers.

Strong family ties are typical in Cyprus and it is common that grandparents take care of their grandchildren. Working couples also entrust the care of young children to child-minders. A relatively small percentage of children from newborn to three years of age attend some kind of formal day care.

Informal childcare is common in Cyprus and those wanting to find a nanny or au pair may find one through an employment agency, classified ads, social media or online. However, a structured informal care system does not exist in Cyprus.

Toddler Playgroups

Toddler playgroups are not common in Cyprus though mothers may find informal playgroups in their local areas through newspaper adverts or through the Internet. The following websites have information on English-speaking groups and activities for children in Cyprus:

Entertainment places for toddlers

All towns in Cyprus have play parks that are sponsored and maintained by the local municipalities.

All nature parks have playgrounds where toddlers can play in a safe environment under the supervision of their caregivers. The playgrounds are equipped with diverse facilities which aim to entertain kids of all ages.

There are theme parks in major towns, providing a variety of activities.

Indoor play centres have sections with toys and various activities for toddlers.

Kids have fun in Cyprus has information for parents. The website has information about schools, services for children, birthday party location ideas, and child friendly places to visit.