Living With Teenagers

Information for parents with teenagers on youth organisations, youth employment law, driving, drugs, alcohol and teenage pregnancy...

The transition from adolescence to adulthood can be a difficult process, with youths having to face a wide range of complex issues. Youth policy in Cyprus is in the early stage of development and is under the direction of the Youth Board of Cyprus.

The Youth Board of Cyprus (Οργανισμού Νεολαίας Κύπρου) is a semi-government organisation that aims to promote progress and prosperity among young people in Cyprus. The board promotes the active participation of youth in the development of the country. Some of the programs offered by the Youth Board include: the annual Youth Festival, the European Youth Card, Youth Information Centres, counselling services, European Union "YOUTH" program, Narcotics Hotline (1410), and the Multifunctional Youth Centre in Ekali.

  • For a detailed description of these programs: Click here (in Greek)

The Centres for Youth Information (KEPLI) provide young people with general information and counselling services.

  • KEPLI Cyprus
  • KEPLI Agros
    : 25 874 042
  • KEPLI Larnaca
    : 24 822 580
  • KEPLI Limassol
    : 25 871 470
  • KEPLI Nicosia
    : 22 402 613

Counselling services are available at some KEPLI centres. The counselling service, called "Proposition", is free and available to young people and families who encounter problems in their lives.

  • Proposition Nicosia and Larnaca
    : 99 398 089
  • Proposition Limassol and Paphos
    : 97 725 205