Teenage Driving

The regulations affecting teenage drivers in Cyprus...

The minimum driving ages in Cyprus are:

  • 17 years for moped up to 49cc (learner's license required)
  • 17.5 years for light motorcycles and cars
  • 21 years for high-capacity motorcycles and heavier vehicles

Motor vehicle insurance

All vehicles in Cyprus must be insured for at least third-party risks and most insurance companies will provide only third-party insurance for beginner drivers. The rates available for insurance on cars and motorcycles driven by teens and youths vary.

Research shows that road-traffic accidents can be a major cause of injury and death among young people but they appear to be an especially serious problem in Cyprus. The primary causes of these accidents, according to the police, are speeding, careless driving and alcohol consumption. Various "traffic-awareness" education programmes have been introduced in schools, as well as stricter penalties for traffic violations.

Drinking and driving

The minimum age at which a person may buy alcohol in Cyprus is 17; the legal blood-alcohol content (BAC) level for drivers is 0.9 mg/ml.