Summer Schools

Summers are long and hot in Cyprus...find out about schools and camps to keep the children occupied during the summer months

Summer schools in Cyprus

Schools in Cyprus close for the summer around the second week of June until the the beginning of the second week of September. Working parents rely on summer schools and camps to keep young children occupied during this period. Summer schools usually operate from June, until the end of July. 

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth introduced Public Summer Schools for children of primary school age for the first time in the summer of 2015. The Ministry recognised that there was a need to assist working parents with child supervision during the summer period. The summer school programme starts from the first day of the summer holiday for a duration of five weeks. Attendance is free.

Towards the end of the school year parents will be send an application form for the summer programme. Those wishing to attend fill out the application form and return it to their school. Priority is given to children from a disadvantaged socioeconomic background. Parents will be informed if their application is successful and told which school in their local area will host the summer programme. Summer school begins at 7:45am and finishes at 1:05pm.

For more visit the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth website

Private summer schools operate throughout Cyprus. Parents will usually look for one close to their home or workplace. Privately owned summer schools will advertise locally or online via their social media. Parents will be quoted a price per week based on the hours of attendance and meals provided. Private summer schools usually open from 7:30 until 5pm.

To find a private summer school or camp visit Kids have fun in Cyprus

Some state nursery school's remain open during June and July. Private run nursery's will usually close for 2 weeks in August,