Special Needs Education

Understand what assistance is available for children with special needs in specialist schools in Cyprus, as well as in the mainstream public and private school systems...

Laws in Cyprus specifically accommodate special-needs children. The acts are: Education and Training of Children with Special Needs Law 1999 (113(I)/1999), Mechanisms for Early Detection of Children with Special Needs (185(I)2001) and Regulations for Education and Training of Children with Special Needs (186 (I)2001).

The purpose of these acts is to detect problems as early as possible and accommodate the child's learning in the most appropriate way available. The government provides special-needs facilities for children from the age of 3 to18 (and 21 on application).

Special-needs children are accepted into the regular school system to aid integration and provide support. Children with greater needs receive extra afterschool education with special needs teachers assigned to a school. Children with health-related special needs who are unable to attend school for long periods of time can be provided with home schooling.

Hearing-impaired and autistic children are accepted to pre-primary schools with special facilities and may attend on a part-time basis. There are special schools for children with severe physical, mental or emotional needs, although the education authorities do try to encourage interaction between such schools and children in the regular system.

The New Hope Special School is a private school for children with learning difficulties and is fully recognised by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Cyprus.

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