Employment Protection, Rights, Allowances and Grants

Understand what financial help there is for new parents in Cyprus, and what the rights and legal entitlements of a pregnant woman are...

Maternity Leave and Maternity Allowance

Maternity Allowance (epidoma mitrotitas in Greek) is payable to a pregnant employed or self-employed contributor to social security payments, provided at least 26 weeks have passed between the day on which the person became insured and the week in which the person's maternity leave begins.

The allowance entitlement is 18 weeks, and the amount depends on the salary and social security contributions made and is paid out in instalments. After those 18 weeks have passed there is an entitlement to claim another four months unpaid leave.

A form for the Maternity Leave and Allowance claim must be submitted to the local Social Security Office after it has been signed by the applicant, her employer and her doctor.

Maternity or Birth Grant

This is a one-off payment made to women who have given birth while living in Cyprus, provided they are registered residents and either themselves or their husbands are contributing to the Social Insurance.

The application form for the grant should be submitted within twelve months from the day of the birth, along with the baby's birth certificate.

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