Child Benefits

Information on the benefits available to parents of newborn babies: who can apply and how to register for them...

To receive child benefit a  family must apply each year by completing out a child allowance application form and submitting the required documentation to a Citizens Service Center or the Ministry of Labour. Welfare and Social Insurance.

Documents which prove gross income during the previous year for each family member (where applicable) are required.  The deadline for applications each year is 31 December. The Child Allowance is given to families residing in Cyprus. It is valid for children and young adults in the following circumstances:

  1. A child of up to 18 years old is living in the same house as their family
  2. A child of up to 19 years old is living in the same house as their family and in secondary education
  3. A child of up to 21 years old is living in the same house as their family and serving in the National Guard
  4. A child of any age is permanently deprived of the ability to maintain themselves
The amount is paid annually for those with up to two children, and monthly for those with three children or more. The amount is determined by the family's income and number of dependent children. An additional allowance is paid to families on a low income and single parents.

How to apply for Child Benefit

Applications must be re-submitted annually to ensure that the parent is still resident in Cyprus, along with proof of income and verification from the school that the child is in attendance. If the application is submitted for the first time or new elements have occurred from the previous application (e.g. birth of a new child, child joining the National Guard etc) the following documents are required (only once):

  • the birth certificate for every dependent child
  • a certificate from the National Guard, for children aged between 18 to 21 years serving the army
  • a certificate of attendance from a secondary education school, for pupils aged between 18 to 19 years old
  • a medical certificate, for children permanently disabled
  •  An IBAN number of the bank account where the child benefit will be paid by bank transfer
Every year the applicants are required to submit an application form and documents which verify the gross income during the previous year for each family member (where applicable) separately:
Employees must submit one of the following documents:
  • a certificate or official stamp from the employer (which is in the last page  of the application form)
  • the salary certificate (IR 63)
Shareholders of a private company must submit one of the following documents:
  • a declaration of dividends which is in the last page of the application form;
  • a statement of defense contribution from dividends
  • a copy of the dividends’ certificate
Self-employed must submit one of the following documents:
  • a copy of the tax return
  • the income certificate of accountant / auditor
Foreign applicants can only apply for child benefit if they have been resident for at least three years. They must submit:
  • A copy of the Alien Card (yellow slip), Certificate of Registration, Temporary Residence Permit or Immigration Permit from the Civil Register and Immigration Department for the applicant and their family members
  • A community council certificate for minor children who do not attend school or kindergarten that they reside under the same roof with their family or, a certificate of school attendance for pupils
    A  new certificate must be submitted every September for each new school year

When and how is child benefit paid

Families with three or more children and a single parent with any number of children with total gross annual family income of less than €39000 during the previous year are entitled to receive child benefit through the automatic payment system during the first quarter of the calendar year.

Families with 1-2 dependent children receive the benefit on an annual basis by the end of the year, or depending on when they have made the application. 

The allowance is transferred directly into the registered bank account
The child benefit is paid to:
  • the mother when the parents live together, 
  • the father or mother (depending on the application), when the parent is single, widowed or divorced
  • the legal guardian if both parents are deceased.

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