Registering the Birth

Find out how to get a birth certificate for your baby, and how to make sure the embassy or consulate has your child's details...

Birth Certificate

After the birth of the baby, the hospital or private clinic issues a form which documents the basic details of the infant such as birth date, baby's name and parents' names.

To register the baby's birth this form needs to be taken to the local Citizen Service Centre or any District Administration Office, along with the parents' passports, birth certificates, Cyprus Yellow Resident Slips and marriage certificate (unmarried parents are required to sign a declaration of parentage at the local court to state that their child is theirs). The birth certificate is then issued with four to five additional duplicates for a small fee.

Registering the Birth with a Consular Office

It is recommended that foreign nationals also register the birth with their nation's consular office. Certain countries require that an "Apostille" for the Cypriot birth certificate be obtained.

The Apostille is an international certification proving to one country that a document issued by the government of another country is indeed authentic. It is issued by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order in Nicosia, where the back of the original document is officially stamped and signed for a small fee.

Some countries may also require that the birth certificate be translated. Certified translations are issued by the Press and Information Office in Nicosia for 28 languages.

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