Termination of Pregnancy and Abortion in Cyprus

Information on who to contact and how to proceed in the event of an unwanted pregnancy...

Abortions in Cyprus are legal in the following circumstances, and can be performed at a public hospital or registered clinic:

  • To save the life of the pregnant woman
  • To preserve physical or mental health of the woman
  • To terminate a pregnancy following rape or incest
  • To terminate a pregnancy in the event of fetal impairment

A termination of pregnancy is not allowed for economic or social reasons or on request of the pregnant mother or her family.

Medical staff are entitled to refuse to participate in abortion procedures. The abortion procedure is performed in the presence of at least two gynaecologists or obstetricians, unless deemed as an emergency procedure necessary to save the life of the pregnant woman or to avoid permanent and serious physical and / or mental injury to the pregnant woman.

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