Completing the Build

What to do during and after a build, including information about the 'certificate of final approval'...

Your architect will pay regular inspection visits to the construction site to monitor progress and ensure that everything is going to plan.

Every month or so, the building contractor will claim payment for work he's completed. Your architect will check to ensure that the payment request is appropriate and raises an "Inspection Certificate" that he passes to you for payment. You pay the building contractor and he issues you with a receipt.


On completion of the building work, your architect will request a "Certificate of Approval" from the District Administration. Representatives visit and inspect the property before issuing the Certificate.

Once the Certificate is issued, your architect will file an application at the District Lands' Office to update the Title Deed together with:

  • Certificate of Registration (Title Deed) of the property.
  • Building Permit with all plans and terms attached thereto.
  • Certificate of Approval Building.

Surveyors from the District Lands Office will visit and inspect property and, assuming there are no issues, staff at the office will reissue the Title Deed to show that a building now occupies the land.

  • Do not make any changes to the property until it has been inspected by the representatives from the District Administration and the District Lands Office. Even small external changes or additions may result in a delay in issuing the "Certificate of Final Approval" and the revised Title Deed.

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