Utilities and other bills

Information about getting the utility services connected to your rented accommodation in Cyprus...


Domestic electricity is 240 V AC, 50Hz. Plugs used are the British-type 13 amp 3 flat pin.

Registration with the Electricity Authority of Cyprus or at local customer service centres is necessary to get electricity connected/turned on. Sometimes, the landlord will do this and charge the renter according to meter usage. Online bill payment directly with the Electricity Authority of Cyprus is also possible.


There is no country-wide gas network. Natural gas (LPG gas) is often used for cooking and heating and is sold in 10 Kg canisters at supermarkets, petrol stations and some convenience stores. Larger bottles are available by delivery.


Cyta and PrimeTel provide telephone, Internet, mobile telephone and digital TV services. MTN provides telephone, Internet and mobile telephone services.


Typically, the landlord will pay for water. This expense may be passed on to the tenant.

Council Tax

The tenant should clarify with the landlord whether they are responsible for paying council tax on the property. The landlord is usually responsible for the annual council tax which is based on the property’s value.

Communal service charges

Complexes, apartments or other shared buildings have service charges to maintain the communal areas. Some landlords will include this charge in the rent, others may add it as a surcharge. Reach an agreement before signing a lease.