Getting Online in Cyprus

Information on getting connected to, and using, the Internet in Cyprus...

In order to get online in Cyprus a landline telephone line is usually required, although 'naked DSL' is an option (ADSL that doesn't require a phone line). Once a landline has been set up there are a number of internet providers to choose from. All providers offer packages and deals which include a combination of internet, telephone and television services. Registration fees usually apply unless providers are offering a free installation offer. Providers will often advertise free installation offers and deals in the local press or on their websites.


Cytanet, PrimeTel and MTN are the three major broadband/ADSL Internet connectivity providers in Cyprus. In order to obtain ADSL service, a phone line is necessary. A monthly connection fee is payable to some the ADSL providers as well as the Internet service provider and a fee for digital television will also be payable if this option is chosen. Digital television is available from all Internet providers. Wireless modems are provided and installed by the service provider.

Cable Internet

Cablenet subscribers do not connect via a phone line, rather using a coaxial cable to do so. The cable is installed on subscription, making telephone, Internet and TV available in one package. Cablenet's service area is much smaller than that of Cytanet or PrimeTel.

Mobile Internet

Mobile internet in Cyprus is generally only available in cities and suburban areas. Rural areas have limited 3G and 4G coverage so mobile data often drop back to GPRS, an inferior and much slower network. There are two main mobile internet providers in Cyprus, with other providers piggy-backing on these suppliers' networks:
  • Cyta
  • MTN (also offers Pay-As-You-Go mobile data for mobiles, tablets, laptops or multi-use SIM cards.
  • PrimeTel

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