House and home taxes in Cyprus

Find out about local council fees in Cyprus...

Municipality or Community Taxes

Each Municipality or Communal board charge an annual fee for regular rubbish collection, public road repairs, street lighting and other services which in some areas can include the upkeep of the local cemeteries. The amount payable depends on the size and market value of the property based on 1980 rates. This bill is usually sent in October and has to be paid by the end of December. 

Municipality and community tax bills are sent by post and can be paid online, or by cash or card at the local municipal authority office. All municipality offices are connected to the online JCCsmart payment portal.

Land owners 

In order to keep privately owned empty land plots clean, owners are sent notices by their local Municipality once a year asking them to clear the land of any over grown shrubs and any rubbish by a certain deadline. This can be done by the plot owner, arranged privately or can be carried out by the local Municipality for a fee on request. The plot clearing fee varies and the statement is sent by post. If the land owner does not clear the land privately or request assistance from the local Municipality, the land will be cleared by the municipality and the owner charged.