Telephone in Cyprus

Information on getting connected to, and using, land-lines and mobile (cellular) telephones Cyprus...

Fixed-line telephone services for home and business usage in Cyprus are provided by Cyta, an independent (but government-owned) company, PrimetelEpic and Cablenet.

To install a landline with any of the service providers incurs a fee of €50 which can be paid in monthly instalments over a 12-24 month basis. Other registration fees with telephone providers usually apply. To install a landline and internet the fee is around €111 (correct 2021)

Cyta, Primetel. Cablenet and Epic also provide mobile, internet and television services. Each company offers a variety of tariff options and bundled service deals which can include internet, telephone, mobile and digital TV services combined or separately.

New residents can sign up with Cyta online, over the phone, or in person at any one of the Cytashops around Cyprus.

At: Telecommunications Street, Strovolos, PO Box 24929, 1396 Nicosia
Tel: 132 or 800 001 97 (from abroad) +357 22 880 132

Primetel provides land-line telephone, internet, digital TV, video on demand, pay-per-view, and pre-paid talk plans and monthly contracts. The company offers residential packages as well as services for businesses. There are customer service centres throughout Cyprus.

At: The Maritime Center, 141 Omonia Avenue, PO Box 51490, 3506 Limassol
Tel: 133 (from Cyprus only) (from abroad) +357 22 10 22 10

Epic offer mobile phones (on monthly payment contracts and pay as you go), landline telephony, TV and broadband for both private and business clients. Epic stores are located all over Cyprus. 
Tel: 136 (from Cyprus only) From abroad +35796 136 136

Cablenet offers broadband, fixed telephony, television services through its cable infrastructure and mobile telephony.

At: 41-49 Ag. Nicolaou str. Nimeli Court, Block A, 2nd floor 2408 Engomi, Nicosia,

Tel: 130  (from abroad) +357 22 255 130
Cablenet stores are located at various locations in Cyprus

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Mobile/Cellular Telephone Services

Cyprus has a modern mobile 4G phone network. 5G will be available by the end of 2021. Mobile cellular telephones are available from major retailers and phone shops. If coming to Cyprus with a phone from another country, it may be possible to use it in Cyprus if the frequency band is the same (GSM 900/1800; UMTS 2100).

The most economical way to make and receive calls will likely be to purchase a SIM card in Cyprus. All incoming calls are free and local calls are charged at a local rate.

In order to do use a foreign phone in Cyprus, the phone must be "unlocked", meaning it is not tied to a particular provider's network. If the phone is locked, it may be possible to unlock the phone at phone stores in the country of origin or in Cyprus.

Once a phone is unlocked, it may be used on any network (provided the phone uses the same technology provided in Cyprus).

Pay-As-You-Go mobile phone usage

Pay-As-You-Go usage means no contract is necessary; users buy pre-paid credits for usage. In order to use the phone on a Pay-As-You-Go basis, make sure the phone is unlocked, purchase a SIM card (a very small replaceable microchip) for a small fee, remove the old SIM card (often underneath the phone battery) and install the new SIM card. The new SIM card packaging will include the new Cyprus phone number. Purchase credit (available in periptero kiosks, tobacconists, post offices and petrol stations) and redeem it with the salesperson (if purchased in a phone store) or via phone call or text message.

There are no roaming agreements with the northern part of Cyprus; Cyprus mobile phones do not work there, however a cellular handset from another country works on both sides of the island.

CytamobilePrimetel, Cablenet and Epic all offer pay as you go plans.

Monthly payment plans

All mobile phone operators in Cyprus offer Cyta has monthly payment plans which generally offer a better rate for frequent callers.

Various plans which include airtime minutes, SMS and mobile internet are available for a monthly fee. Unlimited talk plans and discounts or free mobile devices are also offered by some networks. Devices can also be paid off monthly as part of payment plan. Cyta, Epic, Cablenet and Primetel will often promote special offers in the local press and on their websites.

A 12-18 month contract is needed to subscribe to most monthly plans; there are penalties for early cancellation.

Paying a telephone, digital television or internet bill

Mobile contracts, fixed telephone, digital television and internet bills are issued monthly. They can be sent by post or email. Bills in English can be requested when signing up for a service. Arrangement for direct debit payments can be made when signing a contact with a particular network or service.

Payments must be paid in full by cash or bank card in one of the following ways:

  • At any customer service centres of the network provider.
  • Online via the website of the network provider
  • By Direct Debit
  • At Banks or Cooperative Banking Institutions
  • Online via the JCC smart payment portal

Cyprus area dialling codes

Area Codes
Cyprus country code 
(insert before dialling the local number with area code)
Nicosia 22
Famagusta 23
Larnaca 24
Limassol, Platres 25
Paphos, Polis 26