Local channels and Digital TV Programming

What's showing on television in Cyprus...

Television in Cyprus went digital way back in 2011 so most of the channels once only available via satellite can now be seen on digital TVs.

Nonetheless, as many English-speaking channels can't be accessed via local digital, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV, a kind of 'satellite TV' that uses the internet instead of a dish) and traditional dish-based satellite TV are still used.

Local TV channels

Cypriot terrestrial channels offer programming in both Greek and English. Films and sitcoms in English have Greek subtitles rather than being dubbed, with the exception of cartoons. The main local channels include:

The channels PIK 1 and PIK 2 Pronounced RIK, are operated by The Cyprus Broadcasting Cooperation (CyBC). The CyBC is government-funded and provides locally-produced shows and programming in Greek, English and Turkish. The CyBC website offer up to date news, video and audio on demand, live streaming and television schedules.

ANT-1 (Pronouned Antenna) The channel is partly owned by Greece and offers new broadcasts, locally produced programmess and entertainment shows and series' from Greece.

Sigma An independent Cypriot channel, offers a mixture of news, current events and entertainment programmes from both Greece and Cyprus. The website also offers live TV and a catch up service on some shows.

Omega Programs produced locally and in Greece. It offers news, TV serials and entertainment shows.

Alpha Cyprus This channel offers a wide variety of programming including news, quiz shows and entertainment. Their website offers live streaming and web TV.

Digital Television Services

All of the major internet providers provide digital television services. The subscriber can choose from the variety of packages they have on offer. Local and international sports packages  are available.