What to expect for your dessert when dining in Cyprus...

Cypriot desserts use local produce; sweet pastries are often served with fruit and almonds.

Loukoumades are fried sweet dough (similar to a doughnut), dusted with sugar or served with sweet fruit syrup or with almonds and nuts.

Bakláva, introduced into the Cypriot tradition from the Middle East culture, is a sweet pastry layered with grapes and honey.

Cyprus Delight is the politically challenged version of the famous Turkish delight. They are known as loukoumi in Greek, and Greek Delight in Greece. This dessert is made from either gelatine or cornstarch mixed with sugar, honey and flavoured with lemon, rose water, mastic or other fruits and then coloured pink or green. When set it is chopped into small squares and dusted with icing sugar. Cyprus delights are mainly produced in the villages of Yeroskipou and Lefkara.

Spoon Sweets (glyka tou koutaliou) are traditional homemade sweet preserves served on a spoon at the end of a meal. Spoon sweets are often offered with a Greek coffee and a glass of cold water as a gesture of hospitality when visiting a Cypriot in their home. They made from a most fruits and vegetables. Some popular spoon sweets include walnuts, watermelon, cherries, aubergines, figs, bergamot and Seville oranges.

Kali orexi - Bon appétit!

Further Information

The Cyprus Tourist Organisation have joined forces with celebrity chef and native Cypriot Tonia Buxton to create a downloadable booklet of traditional Cypriot recipes, Food from the heart of Cyprus features 20 recipes including Kleftiko, Afelia and Baklava.