What to expect for your first course when dining in Cyprus...

Mezedhes/meze includes a selection of traditional starters that are shared amongst those at the table. The meze is a selection of hot and cold dishes and can includes a soup during the winter months. Fresh bread is always served with the food. Many of these dishes are served as a light snack or small meal as well as a starter.

The dishes in a mezedhes vary but the following are usually included:

  • Halloumi: grilled goats cheese
  • Koupepia: vine leaves stuffed with lamb rice and herbs
  • Hummus: chick pea dip
  • Tahini: crushed sesame seeds with olive oil, lemon and garlic
  • Grilled peppers, aubergine and tomatoes
  • Tzatziki: yoghurt and cucumber dip
  • Cypriot Salad
  • Olives; marinated in olive oil, garlic, coriander and lemon