Cyprus Museums

Information on the major museums, galleries and cultural sites of Cyprus, including opening hours and highlights...

Cyprus, being one of the oldest civilisations in the Mediterranean, has many museums and sites of interest, especially for the history enthusiast.

Although there is no special museum pass or card for visitors, most museums are free or charge a nominal entrance fee.

  • For information on things of cultural interest from the CTO website

The Aphrodite Cultural Route is a collection of eleven archaeological, nature and cultural sites throughout Cyprus dedicated to the legendary history of the Goddess Aphrodite. The sites are marked with placards explaining the significance of the site. Maps can be obtained from the Cyprus Tourism Offices.

Nicosia Area

Cyprus Museum: Tracing the history of civilization in Cyprus from prehistoric times to the early Christian period, this museum houses artefacts found during excavations on the island. A highlight is the gold jewellery collection.

  • Cyprus Museum
    : 1 Mouseiou Street, Nicosia
    Tel: 22 865 857 / 22 865 864
    Open: Tuesday-Friday 08:00-18:00; Saturday 09:00-17:00; Sunday 10:00-13:00. Closed Mondays

Cyprus Museum of Natural History: The Cyprus Museum of Natural History's 2,500 exhibits are dedicated to the flora and fauna of Cyprus. It features stuffed mammals, birds, insects and reptiles as well as minerals, shells and fossils. Entrance is free and bookings must be made in advance. 

Byzantine Museum and Art Gallery (Plateia Archiepiskopou Kyprianou): This museum has the largest collection of Byzantine icons on Cyprus, which date from the ninth to eighteenth centuries. The art gallery features oil paintings, maps and lithographs. Archbishop Makarios III Cultural Center (Archbishopric).

  • Byzantine Museum and Art Gallery
    At: Arch. Kyprianos Square, 1505 Nicosia
    Tel: 22 430 008
    Fax: 22 430 667
    Open: Monday to Friday 09:00-16:30; Saturday 09:00-13:00

Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation: The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation (BOCC) was created in 1984 to preserve and promote the Hellenic culture (and artefacts) of Cyprus. It includes the Museum of the George and Nefeli Giabra Pierides Collection, Museum of the History of Cypriot Coinage, the Agora (the Foundation's shop), and exhibition and lecture halls. An open air theatre is located in the courtyard.

Museum of the George and Nefeli Giabras Pierides Collection: Housed at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, this collection features the ancient art of Cyprus and features artefacts from 2500 BC to 1500 AD.

Museum of the History of Cypriot Coinage: A numismatic museum which features Cypriot coins dating from 500 BCE. Free entry.

National Struggle Museum: A museum chronicling the National Organisation of Cypriot Fighters (Ethniki Organosis Kyprion Agoniston) movement from 1955-1959 against British rule in Cyprus. Free entry.

  • National Struggle Museum
    : Near the Archibishopric, Plateia Arch. Kyprianou, Nicosia
    Tel: 22 305 878 / 22 305 879 / 22 305 881
    Open: Monday to Friday 08:00-14:30

Leventis Museum of the City of Nicosia: A museum of the history of Nicosia/Lefkosia. Free entry.

Museum of Ancient IdalionThe Museum of Ancient Idalion was founded in 2007 in order to house unique archaeological finds of the region of Idalion (Dali), some of which are exhibited in the largest museums in the world. There is also an archaeological site near the museum. There is a small entrance fee.

        At: Dali   
        Tel: 22 444 818 
        Open: Monday to Friday 08:30-16:00

The Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum: A collection of more than 150 motorcycles from 1941 to 1983, as well as projection room, gift shop, part shop for vintage motorcycles and a coffee shop.

  • The Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum
    : 44 Granikou Str (at the corner of Arsinois Str and Granikou Str), 1010 Nicosia, Cyprus
    Tel: 22 680 222
    Open: Monday to Friday 08:00-17:30; Saturday: 10:00-13:00

State Gallery of Contemporary Art: The State Gallery of Contemporary Art houses artwork produced since the late 19th century by Cypriot artists. Entry is free.

Limassol Area

Limassol District Archaeological Museum: The Limassol District Archaeological Museum houses antiquities chronicling the development of civilisation on the island of Cyprus from Prehistoric times to the Late Roman period. There is a small admission fee.

The Castle of Limassol and Cyprus Medieval Museum: The Cyprus Medieval Museum is housed in the Castle of Limassol. The original castle has seen many transformations due to wars as well as earthquakes and stands today as a declared archaeological site and cultural monument. The entrance fee is 4.50 euros.

Larnaka Area

Choirokoitia: A UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, Choirokoitia (Khirokitia) is considered one of the most important prehistoric archaeological sites in the Eastern Mediterranean. Recreated structures aid the visitor in visualising how the ruins were once arranged and give insight into the lives of these first inhabitants of Cyprus, ancient peoples who were making initial forays into agriculture and sedentary living.

  • Choirokoitia
    Larnaka District
    Tel: 24 322 710
    Open: September to April, 08:30-17:00. April to September 15 08:30-19:30 
    Nominal entrance fee

Museum of Traditional Embroidery & Silver-Smithing (Patsalos Residence): Located in the House of Patsalos, this museum features the renowned locally-made lace (lefkaritika) and silver products. There is a nominal entrance fee.

  • Museum of Traditional Embroidery & Silver-Smithing
    : Lefkara village, 40 Km from Larnaka, 8 Km from Skarinou, off the Lefkosia-Lemesos motorway.
    Tel: 24 342 326
    Open: September 16 – April 15, Monday – Sunday: 8:30-16:00 April 16 - September 15, Monday-Sunday: 9:30-17:00

Larnaka District Medieval Museum (Larnaka Fort): A museum housing Medieval artefacts housed in Larnaka Fort, which was used as a prison during British rule. There is a small entrance fee.

  • Larnaka District Medieval Museum
    : Larnaka seafront
    Tel: 24 304 576
    Open: September 16 – April 15, Monday – Friday: 08:30-17:00. Saturday and Sunday 09:30-17:00 April 16 - September 15, Monday-Friday 08:00-19:00 Saturday and Sunday 09:30-19:30 

Municipal Museum of Natural History (Leoforos Grigori Afxentiou): The museum houses a large collection of rare local animals and insects as well as rocks and fossils. Plants and animals from the sea around Cyprus are also on display.

Pierides Archaeological Museum: Considered one of the most important museums in Cyprus, the Pierides Archaeological Museum houses artefacts chronicling 9,000 years of the island's history, including maps, glassware and sculpture.

  • Pierides Archaeological Museum
    : Laiki Group Cultural Centre, 4 Zinonos Kitieos Street
    Tel: 24 814 555
    Fax: 24 817 868
    Open: Monday to Thursday 09:00-16:00; Friday to Saturday 09:00-13:00. Closed Sunday.

The House of Gabriel and Eleni Papachristoforou: A specimen of local architecture from the 19th century, this stone house once belonged to a wealthy agricultural family and gives visitors a peek into rural life in the area.

Paphos Area

Paphos District Archaeological Museum: This museum houses archaeological artefacts found in the Paphos district dating back to Prehistoric times. The exhibits demonstrate the district's ties with Athens.

Tombs of the Kings: Impressive tombs of local aristocrats buried in the fourth century BC, the tombs are carved out of solid rock and include details such as frescoes and carved pillars.

  • Tombs of the Kings
    : 26 940 295
    Open: Daily; (16/9 - 15/4 ) Monday - Sunday: 8.30 - 17.00 (16/4 - 15/9) Monday - Sunday: 8.30 - 19.30
    Nominal entrance fee

Palaipafos: This ancient town, and UNESCO World Heritage Site, is now located in the modern village of Kouklia, 16 Km east of Paphos. Highlights of Palaipafos are the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, which was mentioned in the writings of Homer, and the Lusignian Manor House (built in the 13th century).

  • Palaipafos
    : 26 432 155
    Open: Daily; (16/9 - 15/4 ) Monday - Sunday: 8.30 - 17.00 (16/4 - 15/9) Monday - Sunday: 8.30 - 19.30
    4.50 euro entrance fee