Nextbike Bicycle Hire Service in Cyprus

Find out about the public bike sharing service in Cyprus: how to register, pay for, use and return rental bikes and where to find Nextbike stations…

Cyprus has a self-service bicycle rental system, Nextbike, which provides an ecological way of getting around. There are seven bicycle stations with 67 bicycles in and around Limassol.

How to Register

Bikes are available to registered users only. A mobile phone number is necessary for registration, and registration must be made online.

Customers using a credit card to register have their accounts activated immediately, while it may take up to three days to activate an account when registering using a debit card.

The user receives a personal password to be used when renting bicycles.


The cost of the rental differs depending on the time for which the bike is used. For short term rentals, the fee is two euros for the first hour and one euro for each ongoing hour. It is also possible to rent the bike on a weekly or monthly basis.


Payment is by credit card or direct debit. Details of previous and current rentals can be found by logging into the member account on the Nextbike website.

Using the Bicycles

The bicycles are available for use to anyone over the age of 16, but registration is only available to people who are 18 and over. Each registered person can rent up to four bikes at the same time.

To rent a bike, phone +357 777 88 323 or use the online service (login needed). After entering the number of the bike the user wants to rent, a code will be given to open the combination lock on the bike.

To rent a bicycle via SMS, the number(s) of the bicycle(s) should be sent to +357 994 08 094. A code to open the combination lock will be sent in return.

To Return a Bicycle

Bicycles must be returned to a Nextbike station. One wheel should be blocked with the lock and the numbers on the combination lock changed. Call the hotline on +357 777 88 323 to inform Nextbike of the return location.

To return a bike using the SMS service, send the number of the Nextbike station to +357 994 08 094 and wait for a confirmation message.

Theft or loss

If the bicycle is stolen during the rental period, the customer must report the theft immediately to Nextbike and to the police. The user is liable for €500 if the bicycle is stolen during the rental period.

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