Comparison of Swimming Pools and Spas

Information on the benefits of a swimming pool, spa and swimspa and the value they can add to a property or lifestyle...

Living in the hot Mediterranean climates of Cyprus, most residents choose to opt for some type of aqua-leisure product. Both swimming pools and spas come with plenty of benefits.

Swimming Pools

Installing a swimming pool can not only make a feature of a garden, but will add value to a property too.

The most obvious reason people invest in a pool is for exercise reasons; swimming is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise as it uses different areas of the body at the same time and water buoyancy prevents strain on joints. They are also useful for relaxation.

Swimming pools are now easier than ever to care for, with automatic pool cleaners, chlorinating machines and pH dosers to keep the chemical levels regulated.

There are also a variety of methods to choose from for heating a pool, meaning that pool owners now have the option of swimming all year round.


Another all year round option is a spa.

In areas of limited space, particularly balconies or roof gardens, a spa is the most obvious alternative to a swimming pool, and one which can be brought along in the event of a house move.

Aside from the most obvious benefit of relaxation, the massage a good quality spa provides can help to ease arthritis and joint problems, soothe sore and knotted muscles and ease stress. Immersion in warm water stimulates blood flow which makes a spa excellent therapy for diabetes sufferers and promotes tissue repair and keeps skin looking healthy on the outside too.

Spas are available with a huge range of extras for more luxurious therapy, including water purification, aromatherapy and even sonic massage. Their ease of maintenance and relatively low chemical consumption means less time and money needs to be spent on maintaining the spa.


A new product, known as the Swimspa, is also available. It combines a counter-current swimming area with a heated spa area, providing the opportunity for water exercise and relaxation in a space of five metres or less.

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