General Taxes in Cyprus

Information on the Capital Gains Tax and Immovable Property Tax payable by residents of Cyprus...

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

CGT is imposed on any gains resulting from the disposal of immovable property in Cyprus, including shares of companies which own immovable property. The current rate is 20 percent.

Immovable Property Tax

The Cyprus Immovable Property Tax laws 1980-2004 state that there is a tax liability on the total value of immovable property for all property owners, resident in Cyprus or not. The liability is annual and is based upon the value, as at 1 January 1980, of all immovable property registered in an individual’s name.

The complexity of this tax is increased where title deeds are not be held, or where the registered owner of the immovable property is a developer or company. It is advisable to exercise caution in this regard.

At the time of writing (4 November 2013), there are frequent changes of deadline terms and discounts.

Assessed 1980 Value (€) Tax Rate (%)
1 - 12,500 0
12,501 - 40,000 0.6
40,001 - 120,000 0.8
120,001 - 170,000 0.9
170,001 - 300,000 1.1
300,001 - 500,000 1.3
500,001 - 800,000 1.5
800,001 - 3,000,000 1.7
More than 3,000,000 1.9

Further Information

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