EU Citizens

Understand the Cypriot position on social security for citizens of the European Union...

EU retirees living permanently in Cyprus can apply for a Cyprus medical card by producing a certificate of entitlement known as the S1 form.

An S1 form allows access to healthcare on the same basis as a national. Two copies need to be taken to a Citizen Service Centre along with the other documentation required, one copy is sent back to the country of issue. The S1 form must be requested from the country where pension benefits are received.

EU citizens from other countries who contributed to another EU country's social security scheme for at least two years, are eligible for coverage in Cyprus. Those receiving an invalidity pension or those injured on the job are eligible for free medical treatment, although there are registration fees. Those who do not qualify can use state healthcare services as a private patient or should take out a private health insurance policy. There are numerous private clinics and healthcare facilities on the island.