Payment of Contributions

Understand how social security contributions are paid in Cyprus...

Employers must pay their contributions (including the employee's share) monthly and within a month of the applicable contribution period.

Self-employed people pay contributions quarterly in arrears; within one month and ten days from the end of each quarter. It is possible to pay monthly if so desired.

The quarterly due dates are:

  • January to March: deadline is 10th May
  • April to June: deadline is 10th August
  • July to September: deadline is 10th November
  • October to December: deadline is 10th February

Voluntary contributors must pay monthly or quarterly in arrears. If a voluntary contributor does not make full the contribution within one year of the end of the contribution year, voluntary insurance is no longer valid for that year.

The hotline for Illegal and undeclared employment in Cyprus is: 77778577

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