Leaving Cyprus and Moving On

Find out how to close bank accounts, end contracts for utilities and insurance, export cars, move pets and notify schools and residency officials when leaving Cyprus...

When leaving Cyprus and moving on, there are a number of tasks to be completed before departure.

  • British citizens will find useful information for returning to the UK, including a checklist of things to do, on the Directgov website: Click here
  • US citizens can consult their government's travel website for tips on returning: Click here and scroll down to the section on "Returning to the US"
  • Information for Australians from their government: Click here

Local Authorities

Anyone staying in Cyprus for more than 90 days needs a residence permit. Permits are issued by the Civil Registration and Migration Department (through the local Immigration Branch of the Police).

Some longer-term residents from EU countries may also have been granted permanent residence permits.

Before leaving Cyprus, notify the Civil Registration and Migration department or the Aliens and Immigration Unit of the police.

  • For the Cyprus Aliens and Immigration Unit of the police: Click here


Cyprus Postal Services is responsible for mail on the island. It will redirect post for a fee for a period of three months.

Apply in person at a local post office or via their website.