Health and Social Security

What to do about your healthcare and social security records if you decide to leave Cyprus...

Anyone who has been granted temporary or permanent residence should have also received a Cyprus Medical Card (valid for two years at a time) issued through the Cyprus Health Service. Above a certain income level it is necessary to contribute toward the cost of medical treatment, so some foreign residents will have had additional private medical insurance in place during their stay.

Anyone who has held a Cyprus Medical Card should inform the authorities of their departure.

Any private health insurance cover which has been in force may need changing or cancelling now. Ensure that health insurance remains valid until arrival in the new country of residence or continues as appropriate.

Those who have received medical treatment while in Cyprus should ask for their medical records to be forwarded to their new practitioner.

Those who have been employed in Cyprus and have been paying into a pension fund (state and/or private) need to arrange for benefits to be transferred if applicable. EU citizens can normally transfer benefits between countries quite simply.