Housing Issues

Understand what issues you will need to sort with your property before leaving Cyprus...

Rental contract

The typical duration of a rental contract is one or two years with a renewal option. A deposit equal to the amount of one month's rent is fairly standard. The deposit should be refunded on departure unless the owner withholds part or all of it to cover damage.

Only the tenant has the right to terminate the contract. The contract should show the notice period, which is usually one or two months. It is possible to leave at short notice but that normally involves finding another tenant or paying the rent for the duration of the contract. It is advised to give notice in writing.

The landlord or owner will probably want to inspect the property before the tenant leaves and to go through an inventory to check for any damage.

Property sales

All estate agents are required by law to be licensed and have insurance. It is not advisable to use an un-registered agent. Legal estate agents are members of CREAA (the Cyprus Real Estate Agents Association).

The agent's fees vary, and must be paid by the seller. Once a sale has been agreed, it takes approximately one month to complete.

When the property has been sold the seller may be required to pay capital gains tax, but individual circumstances vary and professional advice should be sought.


Home insurance can be cancelled once a sale is completed and in some circumstances a partial refund may be due. It is best to cancel all insurance in writing and by recorded delivery.

Utility bills

As with any house move, there are utility bills to be settled and meters to be read. If meters are not outside, access to the property will be required. Leave a forwarding address with all the companies involved.

Electricity and Gas: The Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) manages the power supply on the island. Before leaving, ask for a final bill. Contact it via one of the service centres or visit the website.

There is no mains gas network on the island and most people use natural gas (LPG gas) for cooking. It is sold in bottles which should be returned for the deposit refund.

Water: The Cyprus Water Development Department manages public water supply to the island but each municipality has its own water authority. Contact the local water authority before moving and ask for a final bill.

Telephone and Internet: The main provider of fixed telephone lines in Cyprus is Cyta, an independent (but currently government-owned) company. Other providers are PrimeTel, Cablenet and Epic. These companies also provide Internet services.

Before leaving Cyprus contact the appropriate supplier to arrange disconnection and a final bill.

Cyta can be contacted via the call centre (dial 132 from any phone in Cyprus) or retail outlets.