Vehicles and Driving

Understand what to do about your vehicles if you decide to leave Cyprus...

Before exporting a vehicle purchased in Cyprus, notify the Road Traffic Department, which is responsible for vehicle registration and road tax. There is a fee for cancelling a vehicle's registration. 

Department of Road Transport
At: Vasileos Pavlou 27, 2412 Egkomi
Tel: 22 807 000 Fax: +35722354030

Form TOM98a should be completed and submitted to the Road Traffic Department. This form is in Greek so seek help from a Greek speaking person as employees at the Road Traffic Department are often too busy to assist. 

The box entitled, εξάγονται μόνιμα από τη δημοκρατία (permanent export from the Republic) should be ticked.

The Cyprus Department of Customs and Excise should also be notified. Find more information on the Cyprus Department of Customs and Excise website about importing and exporting vehicles.

Embassies in the new country of residence can provide information on the importation of personal goods.