Transporting Pets From Non-EU Countries

Find out how to import a pet to Cyprus from outside the European Union...

Pets originating from a third country that does not appear on the accepted countries list will not be subject to quarantine or an import permit if the following are fulfilled:

  • The animal has acceptable identification, such as a clearly readable tattoo (tattoos will only be accepted until 1 October 2012) or a readable implanted electronic microchip
    • Microchips must meet with the provisions of the International Quality Standard ISO 11784:1996 or Annex A of ISO 11785:1996
  • The animal came to Cyprus directly from a third country (as considered by EU legislation) and has travel documents verifying from which country the animal has arrived
  • The animal is accompanied by a valid written health certificate (in English or Greek) issued by an official veterinarian that clearly states the:
    • Name, surname and address of the owner
    • Tattoo or microchip number
    • Animal's breed, gender, type of coat, colour and date of birth
    • Date of the animal's rabies vaccination (which must be valid)
    • Commercial brand and name of the vaccine administered
    • Date of the next rabies revaccination
    • For a downloadable Health Certificate form (in English and Greek): Click here (scroll down the page to the heading "Document")

Health certificates are valid for four months.

If the requirements are not fulfilled, the animal will be subject to quarantine; quarantine and inspection fees will be payable.

Note: Animals traveling from Northern Cyprus to an EU country do not qualify for the EU Pet Passport Scheme.