General Regulations

Information about the rules and restrictions relating to bringing cats and dogs into Cyprus...

Guide dogs

Most airlines allow guide dogs to travel free, and often in the cabin even though they generally exceed the weight/size limit. Please check with the carrier concerned.


Rabies is the only vaccination required for travelling into Cyprus. This needs to be administered at least 30 days prior but not more than one year before arrival in Cyprus.

Flea, tick and worm treatment

This must be given from 24- 48 hours before travel to Cyprus and should be noted on the health certificate or Pet Passport by the administering vet. If this treatment has not been performed, the pet will be subject to one month in quarantine from the date of import.

Notifying the authorities

The Veterinary Services Department in Cyprus must be informed at least 48 hours before the animal's arrival. The office must be supplied with the date, time, location (port or airport) and number of the flight or ship on which the animal will be carried.

  • Veterinary Services Department - Arrival Notification
    : +357 22 805 176

Travel crates/cages

Animals traveling to Cyprus must be kept in cages which meet IATA specifications.

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