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Contact details for the local administration offices in Cyprus; the places to go for residency permits, driving licences and registering a birth, death or marriage...

District Administration

Cyprus is divided into six administrative districts: Nicosia, Famagusta, Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca and Kyrenia. Each district is headed by a District Officer, who is a senior civil servant appointed by the Government. District Officers are responsible for the coordination of all Ministries in their districts and is accountable to the Ministry of Interior.


Municipalities are a form of local government for urban and larger tourist areas. Plans to merge municipalities are currently under negotiation (2021) If approved the number of municipalities will be reduced from 30 to 17. Local communities will also be merged. This will mean 83% of the population will be part of a municipality, compared to the current 71%.

Local policy is devised by the Municipal council (a body elected by the citizens to a term of five years) led by a Mayor who is the legal representative (also elected by the citizens to a five year term). The municipality is responsible for the condition of the municipal zone which includes construction and maintenance of buildings, parks and public gardens, street lighting, the protection of public health with rubbish (trash) collection, sanitation and waste disposal and treatment, and the protection of the environment. Where budget permits, municipalities are also responsible for promoting their area through the development of tourism, arts and sports. Municipal Law means than the municipality has jurisdiction over Streets and Buildings Regulation Law, the Town Planning Law, the Civil Marriages Law and the Sewerage Systems Law.


Communities (or Village Authorities) are broadly equivalent to municipalities, providing the local structure in rural areas. Any community may become a municipality by local referendum (subject to approval) provided it has a population of over 5,000, or has the economic resources to function as a municipality. A community is led by a President (elected by the community to a five year term) and may receive financial, administrative and technical support from the District Office or from Central Government.
District Administration Offices
Nicosia Nicosia District Administration Office At: 2 Alkaiou Street, Strovolos 1458 Nicosia Tel: 22 804 222 Fax: 22 665 990 / 22 302 087 email website
Limassol Limassol District Administration Office At: Gregoris Afxentiou Square (Anexartisias), 3304 Limassol Tel: 25 806 400 / 25 305 382 Fax: 25 305 288 / 25 305 493 email
Larnaca Larnaca District Administration Office At: 19-21 Constantinos Paleologos Street, PO Box 40103, 6301 Larnaca Tel: 24 801 818 Fax: 24 304 635 email
Paphos Paphos District Administration Office At: 5 Nikodemos Mylonas Street, 8100 Paphos Tel: 26 801 101 Fax: 26 306 251 email
Municipalities (not a complete list)
Nicosia Municipality of Nicosia At: Town Hall Note: Separate contact numbers for all municipal departments. See the "contacts" page: Nicosia Contacts Tel: 22 797 000 Fax: 22 663 363 email Website
Limassol Municipality of Limassol At: 23 Arch. Kyprianou Street, 3600 Limassol Tel: 25 884 300 Fax: 25 365 497 email Website
Larnaca Municipality of Larnaca At: Athenon Avenue, 6300 Larnaca Tel: 24 653 333 Fax: 24 653 384 email Website
Paphos Municipality of Paphos Postal Addess: P.O.Box 60032, 8100 Pafos Tel: 26 822 270 Fax: 26 934 762 email Website
Ayia Napa Municipality of Ayia Napa At: 25 Agia Mavri Street, 5340 Agia Napa Tel: 23 816 300 Fax: 23 722 607 email Website
Strovolos Municipality of Strovolos At: 100 Strovolos Avenue, 2094 Strovolos Tel: 22 470 470 Fax: 22 470 400 email Website
Athienou Municipality of Athienou At: 2 Archiepiskopou Makariou III Avenue, 7600 Athienou Tel: 24 811 370 Fax: 24 522 333 email Website
Lefkara Municipality of Lefkara Postal Address:  PO Box 46005, 7705 Pano Lefkara, Larnaca

Tel: 24 342 422 Fax: 24 342 769 email Website

Polis Chrysochous Municipality of Polis Chrysochous At: 25th March Street, 8830 Polis Chrysochous Tel: 26 321 321 Fax: 26 322 278 email Website
Deryneia Municipality of Deryneia At: County Hall, 26 Famagusta Street, 5385 Deryneia Tel: 23 811 000 Fax: 23 825 550 email Website 
Mesa Yitonia Municipality of Mesa Yitonia At: 14 Griva Digheni Street, 4002 Mesa Yitonia Tel: 25 723 597 Fax: 25 723 744 email Website
Aglantzia Municipality of Aglantzia At: 8 Aikaterinis Kornaro, 2150 Aglantzia Tel: 22 462 195 Fax: 22 334 044 email Website (in Greek)

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