Registration Certificate and Residence Card

Find out whether you need a Cypriot Registration Certificate or Residence Card, and how to apply for one...

Only the following documents ensure legal residency of non-Cypriots in the Republic of Cyprus:

  • Alien Registration Card (ARC)
  • Registration Certificate (MEU1), also known as the "yellow slip". For EU citizens
  • Residence Card (MEU3), a certificate of permanent residency status. For Non EU-citizens
  • Immigration Permit. For non-EU-citizens

EU citizens have the right to enter the Republic of Cyprus with a valid EU passport or identification card without having to register on arrival. A Registration Certificate is required If there is an intention to stay and work in Cyprus.

EU citizens planning to enter employment or stay in Cyprus for longer than three months must:

  • Apply for an ARC at the local Immigration Office of the Cyprus Police within eight days of arrival. There is a small fee for this
  • Apply for a Registration Certificae within three months of arrival. It is advisable for this to be done at the same time as applying for an Alien Registration Card
  • Apply for a social insurance number, once employment in the country is secured
  • Open a bank account

Immigration Offices

Applications for the ARC must be made at Immigration Offices.

  • Nicosia
    Tel: 22 802 334
  • Limassol
    Tel: 25 805 200
  • Larnaca
    Tel: 24 804 242
  • Paphos
    Tel: 26 806 200
  • Famagusta
    Tel: 23 803 020
  • Passport Control Centre, Larnaca Airport
    Tel: 24 804 621 / 24 804 623
  • Passport Control Centre, Paphos Airport
    Tel: 26 806 256 / 26 007 496

The Registration Certificate or "Yellow Slip"

The Registration Certificate was previously known as the "pink slip". This document is now yellow, and is often referred to as the "yellow slip". The document is an A4 sheet of paper with picture identification. The Registration Certificate is issued within six months of application, although it may be received on the day of application if all documentation is correct. The process may be lengthy if the right documentation is not presented.

Note: There may be no notification that the Registration Certificate is ready for collection, and an office will expect the applicant to go in person and find out. It is recommended that applicants ask how notification takes place at the point of application.

Application for the Registration Certificate must be requested within four months of the date entry into Cyprus. The application must be made in person; it may be possible to do this at the same time and location as the ARC application. Proof of employment or adequate finances is needed, and for both employed and non-employed applicants, proof of health insurance is essential.

Application forms for a Registration Certificate can be obtained from the Civil Registry or Migration Department of the Ministry of Interior, and in some areas, from the local Immigration Branch of the Police. Forms are also available online at the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website in Greek and English:

  • Application form MEU1A for citizens of the EU and their EU-citizen family members (PDF in English and Greek)
  • Application form MEU2A for citizens of non-EU countries who are family members of EU citizens: scroll down to the bottom of the page

Note: a Registration Certificate is not required to begin working in Cyprus - an EU national may begin work while the residency paperwork is still in process. However the employer and employee can be fined if an application for the Registration Certificate is never made.

Requirements for the Registration Certificate Application

The application form MEU1A (for EU citizens) must be completed and submitted with the following documents:

Employed and self-employed applicants

  • Valid passport or photo ID document, with copies
  • Certificate of employment or confirmation of engagement by an employer, or if self-employed, certificate of registration with the social security services
  • Two recent passport photographs
  • Original copies of recent bank statements
  • Proof of comprehensive health insurance cover and copies
  • Fee payable at point of appointment

Note: The Ministry of the Interior’s application forms do not state that applicants must bring tenancy contracts or contracts of sale if a home has been bought in Cyprus. However, testimonies of citizens who have gone through the residency process often show that it is wise to take these documents when applying for a Registration Certificate.

Before moving to Cyprus to open a business and provide services, it is recommended that applicants check whether a professional permit is necessary for the activity. If it is, certificates and documents needed to verify qualifications must be provided.

Retired and non-working applicants

A person retiring to Cyprus, or not working in Cyprus must show that they have:

  • Adequate income from legal sources such as a pension, employment outside Cyprus or another means to support themselves
  • Proof of funds in a Cyprus or overseas bank
  • Proof of comprehensive health insurance and copies. A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is accepted
  • Two recent passport photographs
  • Original copies of recent bank statements
  • Proof of comprehensive health insurance cover and copies
  • Fee payable at point of appointment

Note: In order to come in line with EU law, there are changes underway. EU citizens and pensioners who have the E121 form are entitled to the same state-provided healthcare and medication at state hospital facilities as Cypriot citizens are.

EU terms state that each country is free to define what constitutes ‘sufficient’ financial resources. If an applicant is entitled to retirement benefits, these are payable wherever they are living. If the retirement scheme under which they are insured covers medical expenses, they have the right to the same cover as a retired person in the country where they are living. To qualify for these benefits, applicants should notify their change of residence to their pension authorities before leaving, and ask for form E121 from the health authorities in the country they are moving from.


In addition to a passport or identity documents and two passport-sized photographs, students are required to show:

  • Proof of their enrolment in a university or college
  • Proof of comprehensive health insurance
  • Proof (by declaration) of financial resources. This would consist of a statement of assurance that the student has sufficient means to support themselves and family members in order not to become a burden on the Cyprus social assistance system during their residence

Validity Period of Registration Certificates

Residence permits granted for employment purposes (including self-employment) are valid for five years from the date of issue. Registration Certificates issued to family members of EU citizens are valid for two years.

If an employment contract exceeds three months but is less than a year, or in cases of seasonal employment lasting more than three months, a Temporary Registration Certificate may be issued. This is valid only for the expected duration of employment.