The Cyprus Driving Test

Understand what is required in the Cypriot driving test...

There is a minimum waiting period of 31 days between receiving a provisional licence and taking the practical test, however it can take up to four months to get an appointment to take the practical test. An additional fee can be paid to shorten the waiting time for a testing opportunity - in essence the additional fee is a payment to the examiner to work overtime. If this fee is paid, the test will be held during the afternoon, after normal working hours. If the driver fails the driving test, 30 days must elapse before the test can be retaken. Items required in order to take a Cypriot driving test:
  • Application form TOM 25B. Available at the Department of Road Transport (only available in Greek) Cyprus have downloable translations of all the application forms
  • The driver's provisional driving licence
  • An insurance cover note which specifically covers the driver's use of the vehicle on the day of the test and for the purpose of taking the driving test
  • Proof the car has passed the DoRT Roadworthiness Test (not always required)
  • "L" (Learner) plates displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle

The tests

  1. A short written test of approximately seven or eight questions on driving. The test can be in Greek or English.
  2. A practical test which takes about 35 minutes and consists of a drive on local roads and includes some manoeuvring, such as parallel parking.
The result is given at the end of the test. If the test is taken and passed in an automatic car, the licence will only allow the holder to drive cars with an automatic transmission. Taking and passing in a car with a manual gearbox will allow the licence holder to drive both types of vehicle.

Obtaining the licence

The licence is issued by the local DoRT office. The Department of Road Transport (Τμήμα Οδικών Μεταφορών/ Tmíma Odikón Metaforón) has full details on applying for a driving licence.
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