Exchanging or Using a Foreign Driving Licence in Cyprus

Information on using a foreign driving licence in Cyprus: which licences are valid and how to exchange your licence for a Cypriot one...

Anyone driving a motor vehicle (excluding mopeds) on the roads in Cyprus must be 18 years or older and have a valid driving licence. Some foreign-issued driving licences are valid in Cyprus indefinitely (provided certain requirements are met) and some are valid for a limited period. Some may be exchanged for an equivalent Cypriot licences. Drivers with licences that are not valid and may not be exchanged will need to take the tests to get a Cypriot driving licence. Only people who have been resident in Cyprus for at least six months may apply for a Cyprus driving licence.

Driving Age Restrictions

Drivers who hold a valid licence from another country but who are not of age to drive in Cyprus may not exchange their licence or drive in Cyprus.
  • Further details regarding towing restrictions and age restrictions for driving lorries and minibuses are available from CyprusDriving.net.

Driving Licences Issued by an EU Country

Residents of Cyprus who hold a valid driver's licence issued by an EU country may either:
  1. Continue to drive on the full foreign licence until it expires, providing:
    • it is valid
    • the driver has reached the minimum driving age applicable in Cyprus
  2. Exchange the licence for an equivalent Cyprus driving licence after six months of residence

Using an EU-issued licence

While it is completely legal to use the EU-issued licence until it expires, it is not possible to change the address on the EU licence to an address outside of the issuing country. It is a generally accepted "loophole" within the rules that the address on the licence will be from the issuing country and may possibly not be the drivers' actual residential address. When a EU licence held by a resident of Cyprus expires, it must be renewed in Cyprus. This will effectively convert it to a Cypriot driving licence. If it is lost or stolen, it must be replaced in Cyprus. The replacement will be based on proof, supplied by the holder, from the issuing country. Cyprus may refuse to recognise the validity of a driving licence issued in another state where the holder has a licence that is restricted, suspended or revoked or cancelled in another state.

Driving Licences Issued by a non-EU Country

Holders of a valid licence from a non-EU country may exchange their licence after six months of residence if Cyprus has a reciprocal exchange agreement with the issuing country. Cyprus recognises licences issued by the countries listed below:
  • Australia, Canada, Georgia, Iceland, Japan, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America and Zimbabwe
If your licence is in a language other than Greek or English you have to supply a translation. This must be done by the ambassador of your country or the Cyprus Press and Information Office.

Non-reciprocal licence

A driver's foreign-issued licence from a country that does not have a reciprocal exchange agreement becomes invalid after a specific period of residence in Cyprus. The allowed time period for driving using a foreign licence varies depending on the issuing country. For information, it is suggested to contact the issuing country's Embassy or Consulate in Cyprus. If the driver wishes to continue driving they will need to obtain a Cyprus driving licence. This can only be done by following the standard verbal, theory and practical test process.

How to Exchange a Foreign Licence for a Cyprus Licence

Licence exchanges are managed by the Department of Road Transport (DoRT). Staff can help in filling out applications forms which are in Greek. The following documents are required:
  • A completed TOM 7D (ΤΟΜ7Δ)  application form available at the DoRT (PDF in Greek)
  • Two recent passport photographs
  • Certificate of Alien Registration (for foreigners) (original and a photocopy) Identity Card (for Cypriot Returnees)
  • Proof of at least six months of residence (such as utility bills)
  • Passport (original and a photocopy of the personal details page)
  • The original licence and two photocopies of all pages (the licence will have to be surrendered)
    • If the licence is in a language other than Greek or English it must translated by the Press and Information Office (PIO) or the issuing country's Cyprus Embassy
Once all the relevant documents are assembled, they should be presented in person at the local district DoRT office for review and approval of the conversion.    

Other Vehicles

If a driver wishes to operate a vehicle in a category not currently sanctioned by their driving licence, a Cyprus provisional (learner) licence for that category must be obtained and then the applicant must pass the Cyprus driving test.

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