Traffic Offences and Penalties

Understand what qualifies as a traffic offence in Cyprus, and what consequences you might expect...

If a traffic offence is committed, a fixed penalty and a ticket will be issued. The police officer uses a hand-held centrally controlled computer system for issuing tickets on the spot. Fine are not paid at the roadside. They can be paid in person at a police station or online via the JCC payment system. If the ticket is not accepted by the offender, a court summons will be issued. The penalties are issued in conjunction with penalty points. Penalty points can be removed from a record three years after the day they were issued. The courts have the power to disqualify drivers when they have 12 points on their licence; when the disqualification is removed, the offender will be able to drive again, but the points will remain for another three years. Traffic police will impose the minimum penalty in each case except when serious offences are committed and the driver will be required to attend a court hearing.

Points and fines for traffic offences

  • Speeding by 30 percent: maximum points loss 2 and a fine of €1 for every km/h over the speed limit
  • Speeding by 31% to 50 percent : minimum points loss 2, maximum points loss 4 and a fine of fine of €2 for every km/h over the speed limit
  • Speeding by 51% to 75 percent: minimum points loss 3, maximum points loss 6, and a fine of fine of €3 for every km/h over the speed limit
  • Speeds over 75%: determined by the court
For the following offences, a fine will be determined by the court in addition to point deduction:
  • Causing death through dangerous driving: min 5, max 10
  • Hit and run: min 5, max 10
  • Thoughtless or dangerous driving: min 3, max 6
  • Careless driving: min 2, max 6
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol: min 3, max 6
Other traffic offences:
  • Ignoring traffic lights: min 2, max 4 (and a fine)
  • Motorcyclists without helmets: in built-up areas - min 1, max 4 (and an €85 fine)
  • Not wearing a seat belt: min 2, max 4 (and an €85 fine)
  • Using a mobile phone whilst driving: 2, max 4 (and an €85 fine)
  • Eating and drinking while driving: fine €85
  • Not carrying a reflective warning triangle: fine €20
  • Failure to signal or comply with traffic signs: fine €25
New drivers with less than 2 years' experience will get double penalty points for any offences committed.

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