Parking and Petrol

Find out where you can park, including information on disabled parking, and about fuel in Cyprus...

Municipal and private parking places and garages are widely available. Pay parking on the street is available in the town centres (there is usually no fee after 19:00 on weekdays, Saturday afternoons, Sundays, or public holidays). Large malls and stores offer free parking onsite. In some towns, paying parking fees by SMS is possible.

  • It is illegal to park or wait at a double yellow line
  • Short stops to load or unload may be made at a single yellow line (although parking is prohibited)

Parking for the disabled

There are generally a few parking bays marked for disabled drivers in municipal car parks.

The blue badge is recognized in Cyprus. It is a standardised European Community disabled person's parking permit which provides parking entitlements to badge holders in all complying European countries - a blue badge from one country is valid in another. A person coming to Cyprus from another EU country can apply in their home country for this universal badge which allows the use of reserved parking.

Petrol and Fuel

  • All petrol (gas) stations sell premium and unleaded petrol (super and 95) and diesel
  • Petrol is measured by the litre
  • Many petrol stations in urban and coastal areas operate with self-service machine taking payment by credit card or bank notes. These are usually available 24 hours a day
  • Petrol station opening times vary but the majority are open from 6:00-18:00. Closed on Wednesday afternoons.
  • Petrol may not be available inland or in rural areas on weekends or public holidays

Note: many rural petrol stations may be closed for the month of August.