Buses and Coaches

Find out how to get around Cyprus using the bus and coach networks...

Buses in Cyprus are run by private companies regulated by the Government. Each district is serviced by a different company many of whom have acquired new modern buses on busy routes that comply with European standards.

Buses are not consistent in appearance and size, although each company has a distinctive logo. On modern bus fleets, the destination is displayed on screens located above the windshield. On coaches or mini buses the destination is displayed with a sign in the windscreen.


Bus timetables and schedules are available from tourist offices or directly from the bus companies. Each bus company has their own website with details of routes, timetables and fares. Be aware that daily services stop early (at approximately 18:00) and there is limited bus service on weekends (some rural areas have no service at all on Sundays). Night buses operate in some districts on Friday and Saturday’s. Exact running times can be found via the bus company’s website.

Buying a ticket

The bus fare is paid directly to the bus driver; exact change is required. Weekly and monthly passes can be purchased from ticket offices. One day multiple route passes valid for all districts are also available.

Children under 6 and soldiers, producing a military identification card, can travel for free. University students and pensioners now have to pay 50 per cent of the ticket prices and can no longer travel for free. School students pay €10 per month to travel on all routes i.e.: school, urban and night buses.

Shared and private taxi services provide an alternative method of transport with the options being Island-wide bus services, urban buses, rural buses, intercity taxis, urban taxis and rural taxis.

Useful Links

Island-wide Bus Services

Intercity Buses is the bus company providing a service linking all major towns. There are regular services on popular routes. There is limited bus service on Sunday with some routes having no service at all. Bicycles can be taken on some of buses serving the main intercity routes.

Note: Dogs may not be taken on buses.

Bus companies serve the following routes:

It is recommended to check the Intercity Bus website for details on bus stops and to determine if a service is available on a particular day.

Tel: 80 007 789

Urban Buses

Each district is serviced by a different bus company which can be identified by their distinctive logos and branding. Within urban areas, buses run on fixed routes roughly every half hour, with services ending in the evenings at about 18:00 Monday to Friday and earlier on Saturdays. Some routes have no service on Sundays. Hours are extended until midnight during the tourist season.  Some urban routes now offer a night bus service on Friday’s and Saturday’s.

Timetables are available from tourist offices or directly from the bus companies.


The municipality of Nicosia runs Yellow Buses which offer free transportation within the city walls. Yellow Bus route details and timetables are available from Cyprus by Bus.

OSEL (the Transportation Organisation of the Nicosia district) offer modern buses and regular services throughout Nicosia and adjoining towns. A night bus service operates on some routes Friday and Saturday from 18:50-23:25

Tel: 777 777 55 (open 24 hours) or 22 468 088

Bus terminals are located at:

  • Solomos Square Tel: 22 667 350
  • Markario Tel:22 351 484
  • The General Hospital Tel: 22 570 061
  • Arediou Tel: 22 632 066
  • Tempria Tel: 22 465 546
  • Kryoneri Tel: 22 522 155

OSEL has more information on routes, timetables and ticket prices.


OSYPA Ltd. (The Paphos Transport Organization) has an intercity service for Paphos, Limassol, Nicosia; an urban service in Paphos and airport routes to both Larnaca and Paphos International airports.

OSYPA’s website has comprehensive details in English with the routes and timetables.

Bus terminals are located at: Kato Paphos, Karavella and Polis

Tel: 800 055 88 (free local call)

Eastern Cyprus: Famagusta-Paralimni-Ayia Napa

The bus company OSEA provides regular service to the area of Famagusta, Paralimni, and Ayia Napa. There are increased services during the summer months with buses running until 04:00 on some routes. OSEA’s website details places of interest and information about routes and timetables.

Bus terminals are located at: Paralimni, Ayia Napa and Famagusta Hospital

Tel: 800 052 00 (free phone) or 23 819 090


EMEL operates the public transport service in the Limassol area and runs central, urban and rural routes, Night buses are available until 23:00-03:35 (depending on the route) on Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays. See the EMEL website for details of timetables and routes.

Tel: 777 781 21 or 25 34 32 01 or 25 34 32 02 or 25 34 32 03

Bus terminals are located at:

  • Limassol Urban Bus Station (Demotiki Agora)

  • A. Themistocleou Street Tel: 777 781 21

  • Leontiou (194 A. Lenitiou) Tel: 25 352 111

  • At: Lambrou Porfira Tel: 97 210 760


Public transport in the Larnaca district is operated by Zinonas Buses. There are urban and regional routes in daily operation. Night services run on some routes on Friday and Saturdays.

  • The Zinonas Buses website has comprehensive details of timetables and route maps. Tel: 800 077 44 (open 06:30-22:00) or 24 665 531 or 24 665 541
  • Larnaca Urban Bus Station is located at Gonia Karaoli & Dimitriou 36A Tel: 24 650477 or 24 657466

Rural Buses

Rural buses connect towns and villages and make frequent stops. The service is infrequent with schedules limited to one or two routes per day. These buses can often be smaller mini-buses.

Airport Shuttle

Kapnos provide a daily airport shuttle service between Nicosia and the New Larnaca International Airport and Nicosia and Paphos Airport. The service is boarded at Kyrenias Avenue behind Melconian opposite the Police Headquarters in Nicosia.

Tel:  777 714 17

Bookings can be made via the call centre or online at the Kapnos Airport Shuttle website.