Buying a Car in Cyprus

What to do when buying or selling a car in Cyprus, including the DoRT test and changing the registration. Information on how to update the address in the log book...

It is not obligatory to be a resident of Cyprus to purchase a car in Cyprus. Non-residents may buy a car in Cyprus.

Buying a New Car

A buyer must provide proof of insurance coverage and road tax payment before taking possession of any car bought from a dealer.

Buying or Selling a Used Car in Cyprus

Second-hand cars in Cyprus are expensive, due to historically high customs/import duty. Duty-paid vehicles are available for anyone to purchase.

Selling a car brought into Cyprus with an excise duty and VAT waiver

When selling a vehicle in Cyprus that was imported with an excise duty and VAT waiver, the seller (or buyer) must pay duty and VAT on the value of the vehicle if it is sold within 10 years of import. The duty and VAT are calculated on the value of the vehicle when it was imported, minus yearly depreciation. This could make selling the vehicle at a good price difficult.

Changing Ownership of a Vehicle After Purchase

In order to change the ownership of a vehicle, form TOM 9B must be completed and submitted to the Department of Road Transport (DoRT).

  • A copy of form TOM 9B and instructions on completion can be found on

The following documents (and at least one photocopy) will be required:

  • Identification (passport or Cypriot Residency Card) for both buyer and seller
  • DoRT (MOT) test certificate
  • Proof of insurance coverage, provided by the buyer

Both seller and buyer must sign the document. The change of ownership forms are available in English and can be processed at a local Citizen Service Centre. If the buyer and seller go together with the necessary documents, the new registration document is issued immediately. If the application and supporting documents are sent to the DoRT, the buyer must return to the office (approximately one week later) to retrieve the new registration document.

Changing an address on vehicle registration documents

Changes of address can be completed online or at any local DoRT office or Citizen's Service Centre unless the change must be recorded on the registration document, which can only be done at the DoRT offices in Nicosia. The vehicle registration document and proof of the new address are required.