Road Tax

Understand how to register for road tax in Cyprus...

An annual circulation tax (road tax) is payable for vehicles in Cyprus. This is calculated based on engine capacity and charged per calendar year (1 January to 31 December). Tax is paid online and records are kept electronically.

Documents Required to Obtain Road Tax

  • A valid Department of Road Transport Vehicle Test Certificate
  • Auto insurance
  • The registration document (log book)
Road tax can be paid online, at any bank, Citizens’ Service Centre, district post office or district office of the Road Transport Department, It is no longer a requirement to display a tax disc with barcode in the vehicle as the Police use a vehicle registration recognition system. The tax disc can be printed and kept in the vehicle.
  • Pay road tax online at the Ministry of Communication and Works, Road Transport Department website or via JCC Smart
  • Payment can also be made at the Co-Operative Bank (site in Greek) regardless of whether an account is held at the bank. Take the Vehicle Registration Document

Paying in instalments

From September 2014 it became possible for motorists to pay their road tax in arrears in 12 monthly instalments. To arrange an instalment plan it is necessary to contact the Road Transport Department directly.

Late payments

The deadline for payment of road tax in Cyprus is in February, however this may be officially extended by the government. Details are usually published in the press. Any payments made after the deadline incur a €10 fee + 10 per cent of the payable road tax. The fine does not apply to installment plans arranged prior to the deadline. Vehicle owners who have paid road tax for the second quarter or the first half of the year but do not intend to do so for the rest of year, must submit a “request to immobilise” the vehicle to the Road Transport Department.

Further Information