Employment Contracts in Cyprus

Information about the collective agreements used to define terms of employment in Cyprus…

In Cyprus job contracts are not obligatory and terms of employment are defined by collective agreements. These are made between trade unions and employers and usually last for two or three years. Trade unions have to send any new collective agreements to the Department of Labour. Some of these can be viewed on the Greek version of their website. Collective agreements are only available in Greek.

All employees who work for more than eight hours per week and for longer than a month should be informed in writing of the terms of their employment. The employee should receive this written contract or letter within a month of starting work. This applies to temporary, fixed-term and permanent employment. The written document should be signed by the employer and include the following:

  • The names of the employer and employee
  • The address of the business and, if different, the employee's place of work
  • The job title, grade and a description of the role
  • The employee's start date
  • For temporary employment the duration of the job
  • The collective agreements which govern the employment
The following information or mention of the relevant laws or collective agreements should also be included:
  • The amount of paid leave the employee is entitled to and when or how it may be taken
  • The required notice period
  • Normal working hours
  • Salary details
Employers must tell their staff if changes are made to the collective agreement governing their working conditions within a month of the changes being made. Any changes to the terms of an individual's employment must be discussed with them before being implemented. A normal working week in Cyprus is 38.5 hours and overtime is paid. The law states that people should not work more than 48 hours per week, including overtime.

Salaries are increased twice a year as part of reviews of the cost of living. Beyond this, salary reviews are defined by collective agreements. The country has a minimum wage which is defined annually and comes into force on 1 April each year. The amount increases once a person has been employed in a role for six months. Legislation states that people are entitled to at least four weeks annual leave each year. Any medical care offered will be defined in the collective agreement.

Part time employees are defined as people who work fewer hours than people doing a similar job on full time hours in that organisation. They are entitled to the same rights and working conditions as full time employees. They should receive all benefits and remuneration at a level directly proportional to the number of hours they work relative to that of a comparable full-time employee.

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