How to Find a Business for Sale

Finding a business to buy is not the easiest thing in Cyprus. Understand the best way to go about finding one that's right for you...

The low transaction volume explains why, unlike the property market, there are very few local intermediaries who specialise in bringing business buyer and seller together. Therefore, most businesses for sale are promoted without resorting to a specialist intermediary such as a business broker.

Cypriots usually source a buyer or seller by word-of-mouth, or ask their accountant to assist with finding buyers or sellers. Other popular means of promotion are the local press classifieds, of which there are several in Greek, English and Russian. Although many of these have a separate section for businesses-for-sale, none of them specialise in business sales. Websites with online classifieds are beginning to attract traffic, but most Cypriots are unlikely to look for a business to buy on the web.

In general, Cyprus is a difficult market either to buy or sell a business. For buyers and sellers, businesses for sale can be advertised online via or social media websites. 


There is no shortage of highly qualified legal advisors and accountants in Cyprus, however advisors should be carefully selected based on prior experience with business transfers. Again, the size of the market is such that it does not allow most professionals to specialise in a particular area.

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