Buying and Selling a Business in Cyprus

An overview of the sale of businesses in Cyprus, with special emphasis on local peculiarities. Note, this does not provide professional advice on the legal or tax aspects of business transfers...

Both a prospective buyer and a seller should always obtain tax and legal advice from qualified professionals prior to closing a business sale.

Cyprus law is based on English law; this simplifies matters from the legal point of view for those accustomed to the Anglo-Saxon legal system and intending to transfer a UK-based business to Cyprus.

As in most countries, businesses in Cyprus may be segmented as follows:

  1. Listed Companies
  2. Non-listed Medium to Large Companies
  3. Small Enterprises (less than €10 million turnover)
  4. Micro Enterprises (less than €2 million turnover, commonly known as Small Businesses)

Note: Listed Companies and Medium-to-Large Non-listed Companies are outside the scope of this page. The focus is on the purchase of Small and Micro Enterprises which account for over 98 percent of businesses in Cyprus.

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