Permits for Non-EU Nationals

Information about the procedure to be followed for Non-EU nationals wishing to work in Cyprus…

For a non-EU national to be employed in Cyprus an employer has to have had difficulty in filling the vacancy from the local labour force of both Cypriot and EU citizens.

Applications for entry and work permits are made by an individual's intended employer if the applicant is overseas. Applications are made to the Civil Registry and Migration Department and should have a work contract attached which has been stamped by the Department of Labour in the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance. This department is responsible for deciding whether there is a lack of suitably qualified Cypriots able to do the job. If it recommends that a foreign worker may be employed then the application is sent to the Civil Registry and Migration Department to be processed. Entry and work permits can be issued providing there are no other reasons why an individual should not be allowed to enter Cyprus.

An applicant needs to submit an application fee and the following documents to support their application:

  • The relevant application forms (M.58 and M.64)
  • A photocopy of their passport
  • A certificate proving that they have a clean criminal record
  • Medical certificates
  • A work contract with the correct ministerial stamps
  • A bank guarantee to cover possible repatriation expenses. This must be valid for six months after the end of the work contract. The amount required depends on the home country of the applicant

Renewing a permit

To renew a temporary work or residence permit an individual needs to register with the District Aliens and Immigration branch of the Cypriot Police. To register, a passport and three photos are needed and a fee must be paid. After registering form M.61 must be completed to renew a work or residence permit.

For more visit the 'Migration' section of the Ministry of Interior