School Holidays in Copenhagen

Find out when the schools in Copenhagen close for vacation...

Public schools are asked to follow the official holiday plan as closely as possible but actual dates vary a little. However, the start of the school summer holidays is always the last Saturday in June.

On 5 June (Constitution Day) schools are always closed.

Private schools may have slightly different dates for the school vacations; it is advisable to check with the relevant school.

Copenhagen School Holidays

School Year 2017 - 2018

School begins
13 August 2017
Autumn half-term14 October - 22 October 2017
Christmas21 December 2017 - 3 January 2018
Winter half-term11 February - 19 February 2018
Easter8 April - 17 April 2018
Day of Prayer 12 May 2018
Ascension Day break 25 May to 26 May 2018
Break (Pinseferie)4 June to 5 June 2018
School year ends
24 June 2018